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The public RESPONDS to our petition!

In three days, we got 300 signatures! What a strong and positive result!

People are backing our demand that Canadian legislators end psychiatric coercion! People are supporting the UN Committee's call for Canada to meet its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. People are demonstrating an understanding of the issues and are demanding a change using our petition.

In a short time, our petition showed that people care.

With more advertising money and campaign hours, we might multiply our number of signatures, but that's not the point. Popular opinion isn't always right, as a recent petition shows: 1,000,000 Canadians want the Prime Minister to end lockdowns in a time of Covid, despite the dangers. Our point is that people CARE about human rights for persons with psychosocial disabilities, not that we can afford lobbyists.

We want Canadian legislators to care just as much as we do. That is the point of our petition.

We thank people for their support and we will now send our petition to Canadian legislators!

We want an end to coercions that violate the UN CRPD and human rights! Let's see Canadian legislators end psychiatric coercion!


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